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Model Selection and Application of Ozone Generators

Date:2012-03-05 15:44:00

The ozone generator is widely applicable for sewage treatment, reuse of reclaimed water, treatment of purified water, food processing, medicine production, chemical oxidation, medial treatment and public health, waterworks, hospitals, factories, residential areas, swimming pools, beverages and food, pharmaceutical factories, self-prepared wells, water reservoirs, water tanks, livestock raising and aquaculture, refrigeratory, water sterilization in such areas as landscapes, waste gas treatment, ozonation and air sterilization.

II. Performance Features of the Special Power Source of Ozone Generator
1. High-frequency and high-voltage switching power source with high efficiency, light weight, clean appearance, exquisite circuit and reasonable structure. It is sold along with the machine across the country in recent years, with a repair rate less than 0.5%.
2. The power source is made up of imported integrated circuit and strictly selected quality components, with more than 80w power tube for the power source completely adopting globally trendy IGBT tube of negative temperature coefficient. The power source is set automatic width modulation internally and manual width modulation externally as well as the automatic fault test function.
3. When the load falls into trouble, the circuit can test it independently, turn off the machine and send out sound alarm so as to guarantee stable performance and extremely low rate of fault rate.
4. The power source can support frequency trim according to the load discreteness, in other words, when the load and the frequency are in good matching, the heat productivity of the power tube will be reduced sharply and the ozone output rate will increase obviously.
5. The special power source for the high-power ozone generator is all installed with water cooling device which is convenient, simple and practical and guarantees long-time effective work under rated power.
III. Application of Ozone Generators in All Industries of Water Treatment and Ozone Amount 

Applicable Industry
Dosage g/m3
Application Purpose of Every Industry
Dual water supply                 
Purified water
Mineral water
Running water and pressure boosting secondary water supply
Food, beverage and dairy food
Besides sterilization, ozone is used to drinking water for decoloration, removal of peculiar smell, iron, manganese and residual chlorine, organics oxygenolysis, alga control, water quality and taste improvement. It is environment-friendly, no residue and the secondary pollution of chlorine dioxide prevented. Food and beverage plants can also turn oxygen into ozone for sterilization in other areas.
Swimming pool
Kill germs and resolve humus in water; improve water quality and make water appear beautiful blue; stabilize PH value; resolve organics in water and remove side effect of chlorine; be effective to avoid uncomfortable feeling to eyes, skin irritation and pungent smell over the pool due to chlorine treatment; reduce use of chemical agents.
Wastewater of hospitals
Be efficient and fast to kill germs and all kinds of microorganism, remove the color, stink and chloride, increase dissolved oxygen in water to improve the water quality, resolve the organics and carcinogenic, teratogenic and mutagenic substances that are hard to be biologically resolved, increase the biochemistry of sewage to make it easy to be resolved, and avoid secondary pollution.
Reuse of reclaimed water
Sterilization, disinfection, decoloration, foreign smell removal and no secondary pollution
Industrial wastewater
Depend on the type of industry.
Be fast to resolve the organic fuel such as cyanogen and phenol in wastewater, remove color, foreign smell and harmful substances and reduce COD.
Industrial cooling water
Sterilization, algae, in addition to scale

Note: Computation of Ozone Amount for Water Treatment g/h= Coefficient 1.06× Ozone Dosage g/m3×Water Quantity
IV. Product Features:
  1. Automatic control and freely set time of treatment;
  2. Adopt imported high-ozone titanium discharge tube and stainless steel discharge electrode;
  3. Double-cooling technology including water cooling and air cooling;
  4. Optimized configuration of air source treatment system;
  5. Import core component of power source and apply digital-control power source technology, functioning stable voltage, frequency conversion and pressure boosting;
  6. Capable of working continuously around the clock;
  7. Special power source and discharge tube are in best matching;
  8. Adopt power source soft-switching technology working at an efficiency of more than 95%;
  9. Large ozone output and high concentration.
V. Product Features: The product features three high, one low and one simplicity.
  1. High Service Life: Use high-frequency and high-efficiency power source with all-round protective functions and imported tailoring titanium tube medium against high voltage of more than 4,300v ,and fully guarantee normal product operation of above 20,000 hours.
  2. High Stability: Hold the protection function of automatic fault alarm startup & shutdown and automatic frequency and pulse width modulation function, keeping the product in good and stable working performance no mater under voltage fluctuation or seasonal temperature difference.
  3. High Ozone Generation: Adopt 5Khz-20Khz high-frequency and high-efficiency power source in combination with scientifically structured generator, and ozone generator with air source equipped with air drying and filtering system, leading to stable working performance and high unit ozone output of no less than 120g/hm2 (take pure oxygen as air source).
  4. Low Power Consumption: The power consumption is no higher than 16kwkg/h and air consumption and oxygen conversion percent no higher than 5%.


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