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ZW intelligent air processor can degrade efficiently the pollutants in air and is highly effective in purifying all the other chemical pollution gases, playing a major role in:
1. Nano-optical plasma degrades the pollutants in air into non-pollution oxide;
2. The pure oxygen O2 and ozone O3 chloridize the pollutants in air into oxygen and non-pollution oxide;
3. Fast and completely kill the sanitary pollutants in air, pipelines and on objects, such as the germ, virus and fungus, at a killing rate of more than 99%, functioning prevention of air transmitted infectious diseases and diseases spread by object contact.
4. Catalyze and degrade the volatile hazardous organic chemicals, such as TVOC, methanal, benzol and ammonia, at purification rate of no less than 90%, to prevent humans from the harm of low-concentration noxious substances of “teratogenesis, carcinogeneses and mutagenesis”.
5. Get rid of stink and peculiar smell from chemical organics, physical activities, pets and microorganism quickly at a purification rate of more than 95%.
6. Purify a large variety of mixed gas into single, tasteless and harmless gas.
Features of Intelligent Air Processor
1. Remove the micro-organic pollutants in air and kill the source of diseases including the germ, virus and fungus in air and on the object surface. 
2. Precipitate all kinds of inhalable suspended solids in air, such as ashes, dusts, smoke and fiber impurities.
3. Effectively get rid of stink and funk in the space.
4. PLC intelligent control system is adopted for the purpose of automatic debugging, alarm and obstacle display without manual operation.
5. The processed air finally turns into inorganic and harmless micro molecules such as carbon dioxide and water.
6. The plasma spreads into every corner through air to purify the air by actively catching and killing various hazardous substances in air and on objects such as germ, virus and fungus.
7. The air processor itself features small volume, low power consumption and light weight, resulting in little wind drag in new wind pipeline.
Application Scope of the Air Processor
The intelligent air processor is of dynamic sterilization type, which is widely applied to hospitals, offices, communications, electricity, food industry, entertainment venues, hotels, archives, stock exchanges, banks and computer rooms for indoor air sterilization. It is physically harmless and pollution free, solving the problem of traditional method of sterilization with ultraviolet irradiation, ozone and chemical agents which can not be used continuously in the places with people around. It puts the total germ number in indoor air under control, avoids disease transmission and improves the air quality indoors. 
Functions of Intelligent Air Processor
1. Sterilization
Nano-optical plasma can kill the germ and virus (such as legionella, influenza virus, MRSA malignant germ and coliform) in air at a killing rate of no less than 99%.
2. Purification
Various technical combinations cab fast purify the carcinogenic and teratogenic harmful gases and substances brought about by decoration, misuse of insecticide and scented water, such as TVOC, methanal and benzene, at a purification rate as high as 85%.
3. Deodorization
The nano-optical plasma can fast purify the foul gas in air such as ammonia and benzene at a purification rate of 90%.
Installation Requirement of Intelligent Air Processor:
Dear distinguished users, you are welcome to use the ZW series intelligent air processor of this enterprise.
1. After the complete machine package is sealed off, please check under the packing list whether the attached written materials and accessories are complete and the machine in intact. Tips of Installation: the machine shall be installed in clean environment with good ventilation. You must not place the machine in rainwater gathering or wet position to avoid abnormal operation due to damp invasion.
2. If the machine will not be installed temporarily, please put it in ventilated and dry place and handle it with care. The machine shall be moved cautiously and shall not be hit in the process to avoid any damage to the complete machine.
3. As the ozone and plasma produced by this series machine take the recirculating air in the pipeline of decontamination air conditioning unit as the carrier, the ecological oxygen and plasma produced by the machine shall spread through the recirculating air to reach the effect of sterilization and disinfection. To avoid the machine is too hot to be damaged, the control source of the machine shall be connected to the back output terminal of the control source of the decontamination air conditioning unit to ensure that the machine is not started until the air conditioning unit starts working. 
4. Please use the machine with caution in flammable and combustible places and generally speaking, the continuous working time shall not exceed 6 hours.
Operation and Application of the Intelligent Air Processor
1. Switch on the power source of the control cabinet to see the red indicating lamp is on and the voltmeter shows the voltage of the power source when (in halt mode) you may adjust the timer to the working time required on the basis of your demand for sterilization and disinfection.
2. After the time limit is set, press the green button to see the green indicating lamp is on and the timer starts computing time. In the same time, the machine starts up and the ammeter shows the value of working current which may fluctuate (go up or down) in operation, which is caused by the machine’s property of thermal saturation in operation and will not impact the operation.
3. When the machine is in normal operation, you can hear a sound of “squeak” coming from the machine inside, see flickering and jumping blue photoelectrical bank and smell a unique smell of ozone similar to the smell of fish. When the machine reaches the time limit, the timers stops working and the machine is turned down automatically, with the red power light on. For more work, please reset the time limit in halt mode.    
4. If the machine is needed to stop temporarily in operation, just press the red button. The main power shall be cut off for long-time stop.
Care and Maintenance of Intelligent Air Processor
It is necessary for every machine to strengthen routine care and maintenance so as to achieve the ideal application purpose and to bring about the maximum working efficiency.
1. The care and maintenance shall be carried out in electroless and pressure-free condition.
2. The machine shall be always placed in dry, pollution-free and clean environment.
3. As the machine operates in the principle of intermediate high voltage discharge, it is necessary to often or regularly check the insulation and grounding status of all components, in particular, examine carefully whether the machine is damped (in case of condensate water or rain) to completely eradicate uninsulated and hot-line operation to prevent from machine damage and physical injury. 

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